The repugnant conclusion.

This paradox in ethics is called the repugnant conclusion . Many people would agree with the following when it comes to designing a policy that affects people's quality of life and the size of the population. A world with 10bln people and high happiness for each is… Read more

The category mistake: useful but tricky.

In the recent article about the lottery fallacy  I talked about how to spot this fallacy but also how not to "overspot" it and start seeing it even if it's not there. Let's do the same with the fallacy known as the category mistake or category error .… Read more

Just semantics?

In a recent article on free will I argued that there are, very broadly speaking, two candidate meanings for the term "free will". I ended the article by asking: which of the two definitions is better? But what does it even mean for one definition of a term to… Read more

A response to "Solution to the Mutant Liar"

This is a response article to a post by my colleague Dmitriy titled   Solution to the Mutant Liar . In a previous article, ReasonMeThis (aka Dmitriy) laid out a two-part solution for circumventing the liar sentence paradox ("this sentence is false" and simila… Read more

The preface paradox: are you inconsistent or presumptuous?

I just started following Alex O'Connor  on Twitter and saw he recently posted this neat paradox. I had read about this paradox ages ago but didn't know what it was called. Apparently it's a version of the  preface paradox . I'll let Alex explain it: An… Read more

Solution to the Mutant Liar.

In the previous installment , I told you about the Mutant Ninja Liar's Paradox. I didn't tell you my solution to it though. I will do that here but be warned: you will probably enjoy it more if you have already spent some time trying to figure out the paradox o… Read more

The paradox that broke my brain.

I first learned about the basic version of the Liar's Paradox - "This statement is false" - when I was about 13 and thought it was the silliest thing. I thought I quickly solved it and there was nothing remotely complicated or interesting about it and con… Read more