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Fine-tuning and the multiverse: shorter and sweeter.

Is fine-tuning evidence of the multiverse? I argue that no, but paradoxically the inference to the multiverse may still be valid. All of the background is in my main multiverse article , but this one is still pretty self-contained. You actually don't even need to k… Read more

Are you a Boltzmann brain?

Have you ever wondered: what if everything I see around me is just an illusion, a dream? This might sound like a silly possibility that only a child or a philosopher would seriously entertain, but I want to show you it's far more serious than that. In fact, in some… Read more

Shouting "fire" in a Crowder theater.

Some people say that the United States is the only country that has freedom of speech. An example of such people would be the popular conservative personality Steven Crowder. His argument (which you can hear in the video below) is based on the fact that other countries… Read more