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Fine-tuning, multiverse, and monkeys with typewriters.

Many prominent physicists believe that fine-tuning implies the existence of a vast number of different universes, many theologians believe it implies God. Others say that it implies neither and that everyone else is just being silly. Two opposing views were recently p… Read more

Laws of physics, where are you?

We are used to talking about laws of nature (such as F = ma), but what are they? Or maybe where are they? Here are my answers to someone curious about this on Physics Stack Exchange (with minor edits).      Q. Are the laws of physics something that exists separately f… Read more

Build a skyscraper, reduce entropy?

Sometimes we are told that entropy is a measure of disorder, and disorder in the Universe always increases. So in which case does this disorder increase more: if we make a large ordered structure, like a skyscraper, or a smaller one, like a small house? This is essent… Read more