VocabMeThis: measure and improve your vocabulary.

Have you ever wondered how many words you know? VocabMeThis can tell you, and the more you play with it the more accurate your measurement will be. It has another cool feature, it can also help expand your vocabulary by suggesting words around your level. Using it is pretty easy, you don't really need to read the tips below to be able to use it.

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Measure vocabulary mode.

In this mode, the app will present you with words at all levels of difficulty, and ask you if you know them. After each word, it will refine its estimate of how many words you know. 

In the screenshot above, it estimates that the user knows 42600 words, and the "±6%" is the uncertainty, it means that most likely the true number of words is within 6% of the estimate.

Q. Do "table" and "tables" count as two different words?

A. No, different forms of the same word (another example: "go" and "went") are considered the same word.

Improve vocabulary mode.

In this mode, the app will present you with words at a level of difficulty that corresponds to your vocabulary size it previously measured. For example, if you are an English language learner and know only 1000 words, then it will present you with words like "apple" or "beach". Don't be too hard on the algorithm, it's not perfect!

It will continue to refine its estimate of how many words you know, but in this mode the refinement happens more slowly because here it selects words based not on how much your answer will help with the estimate but on how close to your current level the word is.

Q.  How many total words does the app know?

A. About 125000. These words include the vast majority of words you would ever encounter that are not proper names like Steven or Belgium. A native English speaker would probably know between 30000 and 60000 of them. 

Reset your stats option.

While you are playing with the app it remembers your results, but this option makes it forget and start over. Even if you don't use this option, if you take a long enough break it will forget. What's long enough? That depends on your browser settings, but normally it should remember for hours or days.

If you want to open another independent session, for example to have a friend play, without messing up your results, simply open the app in another browser.


Please let me know what you think in the comments below or using the Contact form on the About page. What features should I add or change? 

I hope you enjoy using it! If you like it, share it with friends! 

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